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4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; dogs rock. They’re one of the few objectively good-natured, and kindest creatures on our Earth, with a capacity for natural wisdom that extends far beyond animal intelligence.

If you have a dog, you want to do the best you can to keep them healthy and happy. They deserve it.

But you may be worried about just overloading them with artificial treatments and medicine that may harm them more than they help. If you’re looking for natural ways to take care of your canine best friend, then read below.


Obesity affects dogs as severely as humans. Keeping them in shape can not only extend their lifespan, but their quality of life as well. At the very least, both you and your dog could use a brisk walk once a day. 15-minutes is a good minimum time to spend walking around the block, but if you can jog, and do it for longer, you’ll notice long-lasting health benefits.

Importantly, remember to keep your walks on a schedule. Dogs are very regimented creatures, and they’ll have no trouble determining when they should  be on the leash. 


While collars have become a staple of dog-culture, it’s important to ensure that your dog has one that fits. Too big, and it won’t be able to stay on their neck. Too small, however, and it poses a choking hazard. Make sure the collar isn’t too tight, and invest in a material that won’t itch them as much.

If your dog wears a harness,  try to remove it when indoors. If they’re going to spend a lot of time around the house, the harness can cause discomfort, and may ultimately be an unnecessary precaution.

Mental Care

While it isn’t well known, many dogs suffer from anxiety and depression. However, it’s harder to detect. The only sign of anxiety might just be barking whenever you leave the house. The only signs of depression may be sleeping for longer periods of time. Though not visible, your pup could be in mental anguish, and it’s important to keep them healthy in their heads as well.

The best way to combat depression in any animal is to be providing them with mental stimulation. Play games of fetch, or tug-of-war with your dog on a regular basis. Teach them new commands or tricks every now and then. Another clever way to keep your dog happy is to just get a second dog. They’ll often spend their day playing with each other, building bonds and staving off depression.

As for stress, it’s a bit more difficult. However, many animal experts have come to the conclusion that CBD oil is a great way to keep your pups relaxed. A drop or two on a slice of cheese or piece of meat, is a large enough dose to keep a dog calm on road trips, or whenever you have to leave the house for long periods of time.

Regular Veterinarian Appointments

Even while practicing good, natural habits for your pets, it’s important to remember that they aren’t perfect. Like all living beings, they can still get sick, and genetic diseases can still develop.

Taking your dog to the vet at least twice a year can help detect illnesses before they’re impossible to treat. They can also ensure that you’re keeping your dog on a healthy regimen, and help you update their routine to maintain their happiness.