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A Female Leader in CBD

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, you’ll find the home of High Falls Hemp NY, a CBD company that manufacturers and produces the highest quality, premium-grade, clean products to be found. It is located in a cluttered landscape amidst companies that make false promises to treat or cure medical issues. 

Unique Among the Industry

Woman Leader in CBD Hemp

What is unique and different about High Falls Hemp NY is that this is a brand that was born by inspiration to find effective natural alternatives to manufactured pharmaceuticals – not a money-making opportunity but rather a quest for solutions to issues that its co-founders personally experienced.  Following a car accident that left them with chronic pain, discomfort, and frustration after being told they’d likely remain on prescription medication in perpetuity to address their issues, they embarked on a mission to find a better solution.  CBD proved to be that alternative solution that provided them with the natural plant-based relief they were on a quest to find. 

High Falls Hemp NY is a brand whose core philosophy is that the best products are simple, natural, and only incorporate essential beneficial ingredients for health and wellness.  The products harness the natural elements of the hemp plant complemented with other helpful natural ingredients to create powerhouse products that provide natural relief that improve focus, provide calm from stress, relieve bodily discomfort, and promote overall health and wellness.

Strong Leadership With Purpose

The brand’s co-founders are dedicated to delivering best-in-class products through nature and celebrate limitless possibilities the hemp plant can provide on a journey to innovate and create products for real people and their pets.

One of the most important assets the company has is in its co-founder, Tricia Horst.  Tricia is the heart and soul of the brand and personifies what a woman in business can and should be in today’s world. 

Tricia is no novice when it comes to farming and understanding the intricacies that are critical to creating premium products.  Tricia grew up on a farm in rural Ohio.  Her early interests focused on learning how to work the farm – planting, nurturing growth, and harvesting.  She worked alongside farmers and learned all the essential elements needed for success. 

Hard-Working Wholesome Family Roots 

Tricia came from a close-knit family and had the privilege of being raised by hard-working parents that ingrained the importance of the content and character of people and the meaning of hard work.  She was fortunate to have a mother that worked during a time when that was not very popular.  Yet, she also learned the important balance of family and doing things that are forged out of passion.  She hearkens back to the time spent in the kitchen with generations of women in her family enjoying cooking and experimenting to create their own recipes that would be within the family for generations to follow. 

A Thirst for the Good Life

This hard work mentality provided a thirst for Tricia that would not be quenched by the farm.  After college, she, like many young adults, aspired to live in New York City and travel the world.  She made her way to the concrete jungle and pounded the pavement juggling modeling, TV commercials, and acting jobs all over the US, Europe, and South Africa. Over the years, Tricia expanded her portfolio of work by becoming a well-known and highly sought-after stylist, make-up artist, casting director and established her own production company working for many clients and large corporations.  With all the experience and success, she achieved with her unrelenting hard work, there began to be a calling in her that was not satisfied by any of her incredible experiences.

Tricia had a desire to be back on the farm – as they say, “You can take the woman off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the woman.”  To satisfy that yearning, Tricia headed upstate to the farm she had purchased just after graduating college and moving to NYC. Over the years, she nurtured the farm and created an environment that would one day be the home of High Falls Hemp NY.  Tricia did not have a crystal ball to see the future; therefore, at that time her farm was lovingly cultivated into an agricultural haven for essential, beneficial ingredients that would be used in her recipes. Fast forward to the present; Tricia’s farm has been converted into a hemp-oasis and the home of High Falls Hemp NY.  She spent many years in the Hudson Valley, becoming a known and respected businesswoman in the High Falls region. 

Evolution of a Mission 

Fast forward to 2018, Tricia and her husband, Rick Weissman embarked on a mission to evolve their incredible experience with CBD into a business to educate and support people who were looking for natural plant-based wellness as alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription medications as they had adopted for themselves.

After the passage of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill and NY state offering licenses to grow hemp, Tricia and Rick embarked on this mission. They successfully acquired a hemp growers license in 2018 and became one of the first to grow hemp in the Hudson Valley of NY state, converting their farm into a hemp farm. Tricia believed that if they were going to produce products for people, it had to be theirs, from seed to soul.  The products had to be premium top-grade, grown on their farm or those of their licensed partners in the USA.  Tricia is a staunch supporter of small businesses and especially of those in her local region.

Quality Matters

When it came to farming, she ensured that organic farming methods were employed and that both the soil and water were stellar – stringent guidelines that would ensure that products delivered to people met the highest seal of approval for quality. At its essence, High Falls Hemp NY controls the supply chain from seed to sale, ensuring the purity and efficacy of all its products.

A Leader and a Partner 

From a management perspective, she has an incredible partner in her husband, Rick Weissman who appreciates her attention to detail from the plants in the ground to the labels on the products.  Tricia spends quality time with every member of the team and has performed every task she asks of others. Leading by this example has created a dedicated team that works in collaboration, in lockstep with each other. 

Tricia is the heart and soul of the High Falls Hemp NY brand.  Farming is innate to her DNA, and she is fueled by the spirit of her loving parents who ingrained in her a work-hard mentality and the drive and courage to do anything she set her mind to accomplish.  She is an integral part of every facet of the process from product development to production methods.  The team appreciates the passion this woman brings every day. 

A Leader in the CBD Industry

Being a woman in CBD is no easy feat.  It’s saturated with men and Tricia is leading the CBD revolution as a pioneer in the space with an eye on every aspect of the process, given her extensive background both in front of and behind the scenes.  This has afforded her keen insight into what consumers want and how to best communicate and deliver that for them.  At the core of it all, she and Rick are on a journey to provide the best products to consumers to aid them with natural plant-based health and wellness as an alternative. 

Tricia is a leader in transparency and sustainability, sourcing her ingredients from the farm she and Rick have with credible, independent triple lab-tested products that carry a QR code on the label for ease in accessing the full panel reports to deliver trusted products to the market.  She is committed to transparency with products that waste no money on the packaging because the product speaks for itself, contains a scannable QR code that gives independent third-party lab test results proving how clean the ingredients are — no more than 0.3% THC, no heavy metals, residual solvents, molds, pesticides and free of biological contaminants.

Tricia has a laser-like focus on providing clean, effective, and easy-to-use products that simplify your health and wellness routine.  With her husband by her side, they continue to pioneer other compounds in the hemp plant to unlock other elements that have natural healing properties.  Tricia can truly say that “Not all CBD is created equal,” and High Falls Hemp NY’s product line is a superior example of that.

As a woman in the cluttered CBD market, her advice to women is to be a team player, practice resilience, have humility, always play to your strengths, and acknowledge your weaknesses, be of service to others always, take risks, find mentors that care and want you to succeed, never compare yourself to others and forever demonstrate strength with kindness and grace.  Be a lady even when everyone else around you isn’t playing fair.

High Falls Hemp NY and the Future of CBD

Today, this company has truly paved the way for legitimizing the benefits of CBD, and with Tricia as a driving force, they show no signs of stopping. Tricia and Rick are well poised to add even more health and wellness products to High Falls Hemp NY in the future. The company has already released cutting-edge products focusing on the reasons why people turn to CBD, utilizing new cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils, to create 3 new tinctures for Sleep, Mobility, and Calm, with more issue/solution offerings in the works.  Tricia is a woman to watch who has accomplished so much already but watch out because she is just getting started!