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How Do I Create a Co-Branded CBD Product Line?

Whether it’s an established consumer packaged goods company, a hotel chain or retail chain, a beverage or food company, more and more CEOs, investors, and owners of companies are looking to established CBD manufacturers to create private label and co-branded product lines.  They include topicals, skin care, health and beauty aids, and more. 

All of them are on a quest to fulfill what consumers are looking for – natural alternatives that support their daily health and wellness regimen.

These co-branded CBD products are created in partnership for sale to consumers both at retail and online.  Co-branded partnerships with trusted companies that control the entire process from seed to sale, from farm to finished product, are highly coveted because they provide CBD made in the USA and assurances that the process and quality are wholly controlled and ensured with standards that exceed the industry and government regulations that further insulate a brand considering their options.

If you are considering either a private label or co-branded CBD product line, rest assured, the market is ripe for new products.  In fact, the market for CBD products is outpacing the number of dispensaries in the US and it’s all happening at retail locations and e-commerce destinations of all types and sizes.

BDS Analytics issued a report in 2019 that has forecasted the US CBD market to hit $20 billion by 2024, significantly outpacing dispensary retail sales.  This forecast reinforces that CBD is truly mainstream and is giving rise to the product, in many forms, as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid to have many purposes.  For consumers today, it is marketed as an essential aspect incorporated into a daily wellness regimen that has a wide range of use.  Some use it as a natural alternative to prescription or over-the-counter medications to relieve stress, help with muscle and joint discomfort, or alleviate some inflammation.  Others see it as an ideal element in their beauty regimen. 

There are product formats, delivery systems, and concentrations to serve every need. There are even CBD Pet care lines that are finding their way onto many more shelves in many more stores (grocery, retail pharmacy, holistic wellness centers, massage centers, and more).

Major retailers including CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger have cleared space on the shelves of their retail outlets nationwide to make room for CBD topical products.

All of this became possible after the removal of major legal obstacles in the US.  In 2018, the US Farm Bill was passed which clarified the legality of the cultivation of hemp for CBD and allowed for interstate transportation of hemp. .  As a result, in 2018, the US federal government removed hemp-derived CBD from the Controlled Substance Act.

Once these roadblocks were removed, and with significant national retailers on board, the market began to experience a tremendous interest in capitalizing on CBD with an influx of partnerships that continue to be established and built-out for the curation of private label CBD products and co-branded CBD partnerships. 

These relationships continue to develop, and THE most essential component is the selection of a CBD partner for your brand or company that protects the integrity of your brand name.

Key Factors in the selection of CBD Co-Branding Partner

  1. Is the CBD company well established, respected, licensed, and fully compliant?
  2. Does the CBD company control the process from seed to sale?
  3. Does the CBD company have third party lab reports or certificates of analysis on each product and each batch/lot from an independent certified lab?
  4. Does the company have independent, verified, third party reviews by customers who have purchased and used their products?
  5. What are their extraction and production procedures?

CBD Products are mainstream

With well established, national mainstream retail giants entering the CBD field, you will be in good company.  It’s not just the retail pharmacies and grocers in the game, there are clothing manufacturers, beauty companies, and fashion retail stores making room for CBD to be sold in their stores or on their e-commerce storefronts. CBD is a category that can generate consistent repeat purchases.

Both Ulta and Sephora, cosmetic retailers nationwide, will be carrying CBD skincare products.  Urban Outfitters has partnered with CBD for Life to carry CBD-infused products in some of their retail locations.  Additionally, there are many more companies and retail chains that are in the midst of launching CBD infused product lines or co-branded partnerships.  Those in the sports arena are also getting involved and leveraging sports celebrities as ambassadors of these new CBD product lines relative to the sport; golf, tennis, and more.

Making sure to either private label or co-brand with a premium high-quality partner is critical to the success and sustainability of the venture. Consumers may try the product once based on your brand, however, won’t repurchase unless the product works.

Co-Branding CBD Products

These co-branded collaborations can have many benefits for a company.  The most essential factor is partnering with a CBD company in this emerging sector that is reputable.  This brings further validation for the products curated and further legitimizes the products to consumers with efficacy.

As these larger companies and brands are recognizing the growing consumer demand for CBD products, many are beginning to enter this category.  The opportunity to establish your company as a credible and important resource in this category is driven by finding the right partner to co-brand with and engaging authentically and credibly with the growing market of health and wellness enthusiasts that are using CBD as a holistic, natural alternative in their daily regimen.

If you are considering this path, then High Falls Hemp NY is the ideal partner to work with, in collaboration, on a co-branded product line or an individual co-branded product.  Get in touch with us now to begin the journey together.