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CBD Gummies: Is This How CBD Should be Taken?

As adults, we all have our favorite candy that takes us back a time when things were simpler. There are those that love a good candy whether it’s a basic chocolate bar or more “fancy” with combinations of nuts and caramel. And then there are those that are obsessed with anything gummy!

So, what could be more iconic than combining your favorite type of candy with CBD?!

Convenient and Beneficial?

CBD gummies are convenient, without the need for a dropper and are pre-measured. They are also great for anyone that might be trying CBD for the first time who will not be tasked with making sure they master the correct dosage via the dropper

CBD gummies provide the same benefits of CBD oils; helping you relax and naturally alleviate stress, supporting discomfort from aches in your muscles and joints, aiding in sleep and so many more!

CBD gummies were all the rage from the moment they were introduced on the market because many consumers found them easier to use and gummies taste better than tinctures.

But, as we like to say, not all CBD is created equal, and neither are gummies.

Make Sure Your CBD Gummies are High-Quality

For those that have tried them and weren’t impressed, we’d suggest that you likely had them from a company that doesn’t use premium ingredients to provide the result you desire.

In order to obtain the highest quality CBD, it’s important to start with the hemp. High Falls Hemp NY knows how critical that is hence why they own the farm their hemp is grown on. They farm it with precision and passion and test the hemp CBD at each step along the journey from seed to sale (three times) to ensure that what you get is only premium quality.

Whether you sample High Falls Hemp NY gummies or those from other companies, like all CBD products and companies, it’s essential that you do your homework. Make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality product from a trusted company with quality reviews and real lab reports about their products.

It’s also important to look at the blends you are considering based on what your desired outcome is. CBD gummies can be a great alternative to over the counter and prescription medicine for those struggling with achieving consistently restful and restorative sleep, it can be a natural remedy in place of melatonin, a hormone.

As with any supplement, we suggest that you discuss the use of CBD with your health care provider to ensure that it will not interfere with any existing conditions or medicines you are taking. If you are not certain of any condition or situation, then we would suggest you contact your physician before taking CBD.

Here are some important things to consider before you purchase:

  • The source of the CBD
  • The potency of the CBD
  • Ingredients
  • Third-party Lab Testing

The source of the CBD

Make sure you know the type of CBD that is used – is it isolate or full-spectrum.

CBD isolate is purely CBD and contains no other cannabinoids. Isolates are good for anyone that wants to completely avoid a product with any THC due to requirements of their jobs, or due to medical reasons. However, isolate will not give you the full range of natural benefits.

Products that contain full-spectrum cannabinoids contain all of the CBD and the other cannabinoids made by the plant, inclusive of the THC. Full-spectrum products provide the most benefits as alternative remedies.

If the product doesn’t specify what type of CBD is used – you might wish to rethink your purchase.

The potency of the CBD

The suggested amount varies across all CBD products as a result of the hemp source and is determined according to each person’s needs and weight. It is essential that the CBD product you are buying specifies the amount of CBD in each serving so you can make sure you are taking the correct amount.

If you aren’t sure what is best for you, I would suggest beginning with the lowest CBD product available and you can gradually increase the amount from there.

The ingredients of the CBD product

Like all products we ingest or use, there’s more to them than just the key ingredient. It’s important to pay attention to what other ingredients are incorporated.

Our idea of the ideal gummy is one that is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and is organic and incorporates natural flavorings. Ideally, having other nutrient-rich ingredients provides additional benefits.

The best CBD gummies should be made from a healthy gummy base, such as tapioca instead of corn syrup, and be flavored naturally.

Rigorous Lab Testing

It’s critical that you consider only purchasing your products from companies that make available 3rd party lab reports to test for CBD content and safety (IE – no pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbials.) Those results should be prominently displayed and available on their website for your review and reference.

When using CBD gummies, remember, these aren’t the candies we gorged on as kids – you cannot take a handful and eat until you feel satisfied. You should take the desired amount and then wait at least two hours to experience the full effect of the gummy.

Because gummies go through your digestive system for absorption into your body, they will take a bit longer than a tincture to show effects. If you need more, break another one into pieces and take a little more as you experiment to find the right amount for you. It’s also important to remember that the effects of a gummy can last for a few hours.

Gummies represent another method to take CBD and perhaps it is an easier way to fit it into your schedule given the lifestyle considerations which we all consider when we embark on a regimen of any supplement. We encourage you to give gummies a try.