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Why High Falls Hemp NY?

We believe that the most trustworthy, best products are simple, natural, and only incorporate essential beneficial ingredients.

All of our products are proudly grown on our farm in High Falls, NY or by our licensed partners in the USA, carrying independent certificates of analysis (lab reports), are triple lab tested, carry QR codes on every product for transparency for our customers to easily access the lab reports. Every ingredient in our products are on the label, and we never make any false promises. We are proud to be the original, and trusted NY CBD.

Join us on our mission and success

We embarked on a mission to provide people and their pets with natural alternatives for their health and wellness over 3 years ago with our foundational CBD line of topicals and ingestibles.

We have been fortunate, and, on that journey, we heard personal stories that our
customers were struggling with; aches and discomfort with their bodies, stress
they couldn't manage, and sleepless nights.

Based on the success of our baseline products, we continue to build upon that success with continued exploration of other cannabinoids in the hemp plant that may holistically help further support these issues. 

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