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Everything you need to know about CBD Softgels

There are so many CBD products on the market today, and more coming. 

Whether it’s a drink, a topical treatment for your body, or a new CBD oil, there truly is a CBD product for everything and everyone. 

Finding the right type of CBD for your lifestyle and defining what purpose it will serve for you is important.

The Multi-Faceted CBD

CBD comes in many forms, and each has its pros and cons.  It’s very important to understand the differences so you are well informed on what the best option for you is.  You may be wondering, “is there a ‘BEST’ way to take CBD?”  There are different types and brands of CBD. Each product has different “perfect” circumstances to be considered when using them and what fits into your daily life best. 

One thing is for certain, CBD softgels are definitely the most convenient!  It does not get any easier than swallowing a small capsule (softgel). Portable individual servings making it easy to take on-the-go and great for traveling. Or if you like to lay your CBD out along with vitamins or other medicines, softgels easily fit in the pillboxes many like to use to organize for a week’s usage.

Since each person is unique, we suggest that you take the form of CBD most suited for you.  If you are not sure and would like to try a few different forms, we can suggest our CBD starter kit that gives you three different options; tincture, softgel, and topical lotion.

CBD softgel capsules are discrete and a better solution for use in public rather than a dropper from a CBD tincture.

Softgels and capsules continue to be a very popular way to take CBD and incorporate it into your daily health and wellness regimen. 

High Falls Hemp NY gives consumers three different strengths of softgels to consider, offering you options on how and when you use it during your day.

What is a CBD Softgel?

A softgel is a pliable soft gelatin capsule containing a liquid preparation.  The capsule is one piece and is composed of gelatin mixed with sorbitol, carrageenan, glycerin, cornstarch, and refined coconut oil.  High Falls Hemp NY CBD softgels are gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO.  We use vegetable glycerin to make our softgels.

There are many supplements and over the counter medicines that you may purchase that come in a similar format. Softgels have no flavor, contain the best parts of the hemp plant, and are less than 0.3% THC. 

The softgel has a soft coating making it easy to swallow, especially for those that might struggle with swallowing pills or capsules.

CBD Softgels Benefit

Another benefit of CBD softgels is that they are exact amounts.  When you are using a CBD tincture, while the dropper gives you an accurate idea of the amount you are taking, it’s not exact.  With CBD softgels, you know exactly how much you are taking each time.  Knowing the exact amount each time is a great benefit.

CBD Softgels are Tasteless and Odorless

CBD softgels are tasteless and odorless which is great for those that don’t enjoy the taste of CBD tinctures. Though there are some of us who may “taste” a product sometime after ingesting it, [think fish-oil capsules, garlic, or that hot-dog you had for lunch] you won’t have that effect from High Falls Hemp NY’s CBD Softgels.

High Falls Hemp NY’s CBD and hemp seed oil base is triple filtered for a light and pleasant flavor.

How do CBD Softgels Work?

The CBD softgel is taken orally and it metabolizes in your body much like any other pills you take. 

With a CBD softgel, the CBD is in a liquid form in the capsule, so it’s absorbed into the stomach lining and then enters the system faster than the food you eat. 

The effects of a softgel are typically felt within one hour but may depend on your digestive system’s efficiency at absorbing CBD, and whether you are taking a softgels on an empty or full stomach.  The effect can also be affected by your height and weight.

CBD Softgels vs CBD Tinctures – Which One is Better?

I’m sure you were hoping that I’d give you an answer, but sincere apologies – there is no “best” option here.  Each of these is a great option and has pros and cons associated with it.  I’ll share some of those so that you can identify what meets your needs and circumstances best.

CBD Softgels CBD Tinctures
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Convenient Takes time to absorb in the body Control the amount you desire Oily mouthfeel might be a turn off for some
Exact Amount in each capsule Is limited to only taking the exact amount per serving Has an earthy taste and a rooty scent
No taste or odor Absorbs quickly


Another great benefit of CBD softgels, gummies, or tinctures is that you can take them on an empty stomach which is unique because most over the counter medications or prescription medications often must accompany having some food in your stomach to better digest or ensure you don’t get an upset stomach.

 Why Choose Just One?

As you can see from above, CBD in different forms has different benefits.  There is no “winner takes all” option.  But, does there need to be? 

We have many customers that choose multiple methods and purchase a range of products to be used for different elements of their journey towards wellness. 

Some like to have the softgels to take with them on-the-go while keeping the CBD tinctures or tincture & terpene blends on their nightstand to take before going to bed at night after applying the CBD lotion to their sore muscles or tired and achy feet.  This gives them an approach that meets their health and wellness needs regardless of the time, place, or condition.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you prefer.  CBD softgels are a great product that is portable and can be used in any setting.

Buyer Notice about CBD and CBD Softgels

As always, consult with your health care practitioner before taking CBD to make sure it’s right for you and any doesn’t contradict other medications you are currently taking.

Most important when considering a CBD softgel or any CBD product is choosing between legitimate and trusted companies and those that are not.  This is especially important when choosing CBD softgels. 

Select a company like High Falls Hemp NY that does not make false medical claims about CBD curing medical issues, has independent and verified third party triple-tested lab reports, clearly outlines all ingredients in their products on the package, has verified third party reviews, and is loved by thousands of loyal customers.