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Terpenes and Your Sex Life

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants, and each produces a host of different wellness benefits

While some terpenes can make you sleepy, others can energize you. What is most interesting is that some terpenes can improve your sex life!

As an alternative to chocolate and oysters as your aphrodisiac of choice, you might want to consider an option that can take your sexual pleasure to another level – terpenes!

There have been intriguing findings from studies focusing on the use of the cannabis plant and its effects on sex. Increases in libido, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction continue to be studied.

While there has yet to be a conclusive scientific study into cannabis terpenes and their effect on your sex drive, knowing how taking it to increase your libido may have you dropping some other options you’ve tried in the past. Knowing which terpene profile to choose is essential.

Terpenes as an Alternative for Common Sexual Problems

Sex should be pleasurable and enjoyable for both parties. However, if you don’t feel the sexual desire or aren’t enjoying it, there could be a lot of reasons for that. It could be related to stress, anxiety, or depression, and these factors can get in the way of enjoying it. These issues alone or in combination can decrease your libido, create performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction, and have other results, including emotional distancing and other hurdles to overcome in a healthy relationship.

Terpenes, as a natural alternative, can support overcoming these obstacles because of their powerful impact on the mind and body.

For sexual activity to be enjoyable, you must be relaxed and somewhat happy. Being concerned or unhappy creates a barrier to enjoying something that should be all pleasure.

To achieve this “nirvana” state conducive to a stellar sexual experience, you would want to select terpenes that elicit that euphoric state.

Avoid strains of terpenes known to cause drowsiness – we’re confident that falling asleep on your partner will likely not evoke the feelings you wish to express nor make that person feel wanted or needed.

The Best Terpenes for Sex

The jury is still out on which are the BEST terpenes for sex, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the best for sex would be the terpenes limonene and linalool. The inherent qualities of these two terpenes can improve your sexual drive.

Limonene makes you feel light and creates a sense of euphoria that produces a relaxed state and naturally relieves stress. Improve your mood to get “in the mood.”

Linalool is a close sibling to limonene with its ability to relax and relieve stress and can provide a similar effect for improving your sex drive. This might be the terpene of choice if you spend time alone between the sheets based on its calming effect. This terpene may enhance your single-handed session.

The Worst Terpenes for Sex

While there are terpenes that will improve your drive, there are some you should avoid as the ultimate fun wreckers that may inhibit sex. 

Myrcene, in high concentrations, is known to have a strong sedative effect and relaxes the mind and body into “couch potato” mode – so, unless the intercourse is a one-way experience, this would not be the terpene of choice. This terpene will not drive motivation and energy – both essential to engage and achieve orgasm.

Let’s Get It On

Now that we’ve shared the powerful effects of terpenes as an aphrodisiac, it’s a good time for you to take it for a test drive. Not sure where to get start? High Falls Hemp NY can help with a potent Terpene Tincture. Try it out and try others with different strains and profiles to see how each one influences your sex drive and that of your partner(s). Only you can determine what works best for you. 

As always, if you are unsure about terpenes or any CBD product, consult your physician.

Continuing Research

At High Falls Hemp NY, we are optimistic and eager to hear about how terpenes and other CBD products are improving people’s lives with natural alternatives to big pharmaceutical brands’ over-the-counter and prescription medications to give people more options to consider.

While there may be many studies delving into the relationship between CBD and sex, there is a limited amount of validated research to support some of these claims; rest assured that more research is underway.

The anecdotal information we can share from consumers and what we are hearing in the CBD industry is that CBD Terpene Tinctures have positively impacted their sex life. We strive to bring you information published from scientific studies and anecdotally, so you stay well informed. You can read more here if you want to hear more about ways that CBD may improve your sex life.