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Why we love the new New York State hemp legislation (and you should too)

On December 9, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo signed into law a comprehensive bill that will regulate all aspects of the hemp/CBD industry and includes requirements for the sale of hemp-derived CBD products to consumers.

It is the most comprehensive piece of legislation by any state to date and seeks to set a higher level of requirements for the very rapidly expanding hemp-derived CBD market, which is forecasted to grow to $25 billion in sales over the next few years.

As the founder of High Falls Hemp NY, a seed-to-sale grower/manufacturer, and marketing enterprise located in New York’s Hudson Valley, with marketing offices in New York City, we applaud this legislation. When we started this journey 18 months ago, our mission was clear.

We wanted to create the highest quality products that the consumer can rely on to deliver all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD.  

High Falls Hemp NY is a licensed high CBD hemp grower in the state of New York. High Falls, along with our manufacturing and extraction partners are prepared for the steps needed to remain compliant with the new regulations.

The New York regulations will reinforce our quality mission processes and compliance regime by making them into law.

Third-Party Lab Reports and QR Codes

At High Falls Hemp we strive to earn your trust through our own internal quality compliance processes. We test each of our product batches at an independent third-party laboratory to confirm cannabinoid content and the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. High Falls Hemp NY puts QR codes on each of our products which link to a section on our website where these lab reports can be accessed.

The new legislation requires testing by a third-party lab on every product sold as well as QR codes linking to the lab reports. High Falls Hemp is a step ahead of these requirements.

Retail Store Licensing

The new legislation requires that any retailer that sells CBD obtain a license to do so. They are also required to source their hemp-derived CBD products from manufacturers who are licensed by the state of NY, and are able to show chain of custody from a NY state licensed hemp grower to a NY state licensed hemp extractor and lastly to a NY state licensed hemp manufacturer.

Each entity in the chain must abide by the NY state regulations. The legislation does allow for merchants in NY state to source their CBD from outside NY state provided that the products are compliant with all NY state regulations. Licensing of retail stores will be a requirement starting on January 1, 2021, or about 12 months from now. 

This aspect of the new legislation will create a new reality for NY CBD and for the country. This legislation will force any NY state merchant selling CBD to make sure they are selling products that are compliant with the new rules.

Furthermore, for consumers outside of NY, this legislation will create a safe place for them to buy their CBD products from. “Made in NY” will be a quality seal of approval. New York State CBD will be the shiny castle on the hill which all will look up to and become a magnet for consumers around the country who are looking for the highest-quality CBD.

At High Falls Hemp NY, we will continue to improve, innovate and remain true to our mission to ensure that we remain the “Original and Trusted Source for NY CBD”. We thank you for continuing on this journey with us.