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Can I put CBD in my Coffee?

It’s time to consider coffee, tea, and CBD.  If you are like me, you have been witnessing the CBD movement as it infiltrates the beauty and wellness industry with an abundance of products infused with CBD or hemp. 

You may have experimented with lip balms, lotions, and more.  The one product that has infinite applications and uses is CBD oil tinctures.

Coffee, Tea, CBD?

CBD oil tinctures are one of the most popular products on the market today because of its adaptability and ease to add to or infuse with foods and beverages in our diet daily.

I’d like to share my new daily ritual using CBD oil tinctures!  Anyone – “coffee, tea, CBD?”  My morning, afternoon. and evening routine has now evolved into creating the all-powerful elixirs that I have to share.

 All-Powerful Elixirs

After making myself camera ready for my day of zoom calls, I head into the kitchen to start my day with the first cup of coffee. 

Coffee in the morning is a staple for me that puts a smile on my face, calms the nerves, and allows me my first boost of the day powered by the caffeine.  But my coffee is no longer a concoction of just cream and sugar added.  By adding in a few drops of CBD oil tincture to my coffee, it’s changed my day for the better. 

This perfect cup of hot coffee has been transformed into a balance of the fuel to power me through the morning complemented by the calm provided by the CBD tincture.  There are a host of studies that provide the potential benefits that CBD may provide as it relates to stress.

 CBD and Coffee

For me, like many, I spend my morning multi-tasking – that means the balance between enjoying my coffee coupled with going through my email and planning the day based on appointments, conference calls, personal to-do list,s and more. 

It’s all enough to send pangs of anxiety through to my core.  But when sipping my “CBD” coffee, I find that I’m able to approach it all in a calm, cool, and collected state.  I’m invigorated by the caffeine that keeps me moving in stealth mode balanced by calm powered by the CBD tincture.

CBD and Tea

For those of you that prefer tea, I’d recommend that adding a few drops in the same manner as coffee may provide you the same natural experience in feeding your mind, body, and soul as it has for me.

Lunchtime Refuel

Fast forward to the afternoon, it’s time to refuel and reclaim the calm I had been granted through my morning.  So, another cup of coffee and a few drops of CBD and I find myself swiftly powering through the balance of my day as the evening approaches.  The sense of calm I’ve had prepares me for a more relaxed evening and the ability to end my day successfully without the unease of what’s looming for the next day and the balance of the week.

As I close out my day and head into the evening, I clean up and prepare for the next day but not before preparing a cup of steaming green tea.  I switch gears to using a CBD oil terpene tincture that relaxes me and restores my body to a state of calm. 

This evening “cocktail” of mine has helped provide me with a restful night’s sleep without any interruptions.

CBD Coffee/Tea versus Coffee/Tea with CBD

Along with the CBD mania, many companies have created coffee with CBD added in during the roasting or grinding process or added CBD rich hemp to tea bags.

There are new products and new ways in which CBD is being added to these beverages. However, what is not known is how effective these methods are. Suppose a coffee manufacturer adds 1000mg of CBD to its coffee grounds, for the consumer to then make into a pot or cups of coffee.

A question that has yet to be understood is how much of that CBD actually makes it into your cup of coffee (or tea) and from there, how much is absorbed into your body.

Advantages of CBD Drops

The advantage of adding CBD tincture drops into your coffee or tea is that you can be certain as to the amount of CBD you are adding to your beverage. Just make sure that the CBD you are using comes from a reputable manufacturer and that there is an easy way to measure how much CBD is in each dropper, and that the dropper is calibrated so you can add less than a full dropper as you desire.

And do not worry that the temperature of the coffee or tea will destroy the CBD. CBD has a boiling point of approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit, much hotter than any cup of coffee or tea you will be drinking.

Daily CBD Routine Word of Caution

I’ve been so happy about the ease with which I’ve added CBD oil tincture to my daily wellness routine, and it has provided me with natural alternatives to other medications I may have considered. 

I should caution you that CBD is not for everyone and we are all unique so my experience may be different than yours.  It’s essential that if you are considering adding CBD to your regimen, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner to ensure that CBD is right for you to try.

Find Your CBD

CBD tinctures can be added to any of your beverages of choice, not just coffee or tea.  And, it’s important to find the right CBD product for yourself.  I would caution that not all CBD products come from trusted, reliable companies and their products may not provide the experience you are in search of.  Try a few until you find the right one for you.

High Falls Hemp NY Premium CBD

And, of course, if you’d like a CBD tincture or CBD terpene tincture that comes from a company that is trusted by thousands of loyal customers, I’d recommend High Falls Hemp NY.  The products are; triple lab tested by third-party, independent labs, have reviews from a verified, third party review company, and the products are consistent and powerful.  You may pay a little more, but you get what you pay for.  

They also make on-the-go, half ounce/15ml-sized tinctures so you can stash one in your handbag for when you grab a cup of coffee or tea when you are out and about for the day and need to sprinkle in some CBD.

Enjoy your next cup of coffee, tea, or any beverage with a few drops of CBD!