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CBD Beauty and Care Regimens: Satisfying Your Body’s Needs with a Little Help from CBD

CBD beauty and care regimens have the potential to bring wellness into your life on a daily basis.

From stress and discomfort to skincare and relaxation there are many benefits that can come from a daily CBD regimen. Find out what is the best way for you by talking to your doctor about it.

Be Nice to Your Skin

Let’s face it. We’re rough on our skin – it’s a never-ending task to keep our skin looking and feeling soft, healthy, and beautiful. We expose our skin to a variety of damaging factors every day, often not realizing the damage done. When we finally notice we scramble to find a product that helps bring suppleness and beauty back; unfortunately many products on the market fall short of the ability to provide both relief and restoration.

There’s a lot of buzz about CBD and the buzz isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s virtually in every type of product: we see CBD drinks, CBD chocolates, and CBD gummies. Full-spectrum CBD products such as these provide wellness benefits from the inside out. It is easy to understand why skincare products infused with CBD are taking over the market. Lotions, facial cleansers, skin creams, lip balms – even CBD bath bombs!

While we may know what’s good and bad for our skin, it’s not possible to protect ourselves from every harmful element that we may encounter. The sun emits powerful rays, the wind can chaff our skin, even the water we shower or bathe in can have chemicals that could potentially cause damage. As gloom as this all sounds, there is a solution.CBD infused body products help provide therapeutic benefits to our bodies and bring health back to our skin. 

Soaking Up the Sun – Or Are We Soaking It In?

Most of us love the sun, especially this time of year. We’ve already survived the long, cold winter; now we’re ready to bask in the warmth of the sun as nature begins to awaken for the year. While we crave the sun’s warmth and comfort, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for our skin.

As much as most of us love the sun, unfortunately, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. As we go through life and the years go by the time that we spend in the sun unprotected from its rays adds up. Once this happens it is not easy to repair the damage. 

Exposure to the sun causes an effect many of us are familiar with; sunburn. Sunburn occurs when the UV rays burn the outer layer of skin, reducing the natural elasticity of your skin over time. As the ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the outer layer of your skin, they attack skin cells causing permanent damage or kill the cells completely. 

Dry Air: Wicking the Moisture from Your Skin

Many of us experience the effects of dry air in our skin: chapped lips and dry, itchy skin are uncomfortable, to say the least. Certain parts of the country experience this all year round, while other regions are particularly hard hit in the winter. Even as winter fades away some of us are still waiting for our skin to recover from the exposure over the colder months. We’re still experiencing a few dry patches and our lips may still be sore and chapped.

Wholesome Ingredients for Your Beautiful Skin

You may not believe that your skin is beautiful, but it is. Where would you be without it? Skin is a pretty important thing, so it needs to be taken care of in the best way. We only use natural, wholesome ingredients when we formulate our products. Why settle for anything less?

Among the most well known and popular natural ingredients for healing damaged skin is aloe vera. With enzymes, antioxidants, and super vitamins A and C, aloe boasts a number of benefits to various skin conditions, including burns, dry skin, and, yes, even smoothing or preventing wrinkles!

Avocados have made quite a splash in today’s market – both food and skincare. Avocado oil contains several vitamins, including vitamin E, and serves as a natural moisturizer due to its emollient properties. 

High Falls Hemp NY  products also contain other well-known and studied natural ingredients for dry skin. Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax make their ways into our products to boost the therapeutic benefits of our 100-percent hemp CBD body lotion and CBD lip balm. 

High Falls Hemp CBD body lotion is a creamy blend of aloe, calendula, and avocado oils. Unlike some other products, our formula is non-greasy, allowing you to massage it into your skin without leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere afterward! Our blend of ingredients soaks deep into the skin for deep hydration, helping eliminate the harmful effects of the sun, air, and water we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. 

CBD lip balm combines the benefits of full-spectrum CBD with soothing and moisturizing beeswax, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. The formula is designed to melt to soak into dry, chapped lips and provide moisture to even inner layers. 

In Conclusion: Healthy Skin, Happy You

Sometimes prevention isn’t possible, which makes treatment even more powerful. Taking care of your skin with ultra-hydrating CBD-infused products may help alleviate the stress your skin endures as a direct result of everyday life. Healthy, moisturized skin isn’t only healthy – it’s beautiful.