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The Genesis of The High Falls Hemp Journey

I used to be a Wall Street guy, and I get pumped about the idea of investing in cool stuff. In 2017, I started looking to invest in the hemp and legal marijuana industry.

I was vetting an investment in a hemp derived CBD business, and part of my diligence was to see if these products actually worked. I had read about CBD, but never found a product that lived up to the hype.

We tested and tasted, multiple formulations until we found one that met our standards. Our hemp-derived CBD is a clean tasting formulation, that holds on to all the cannabinoids, while filtering out the residue that can make CBD unpalatable for many people.

What do you know? – nearly every person I sent a sample to reported good results. It didn’t solve everyone’s problems, but it DID help alleviate a number of different health complaints that my friends and family had been having. In fact, for some, using CBD was a transformative event as ailments which affected my family and friends for years dramatically improved.

Suddenly, my potential “investment” took on a personal meaning. And when I couldn’t find a company to invest in that was up to my standards, my wife, Tricia Horst, and I decided to start our own.

Now, at the end of our 2nd harvest season, we are reflecting on how important our mission has become and how rewarding it is to be involved in this incredible new industry. The CBD wellness revolution will continue to improve the lives of generations to come.

Thanks for being on this journey with us! We really appreciate your support!