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Where can I fit CBD in my daily routine?

CBD has firmly entrenched itself within the modern wellness and holistic community.

Many tout it as a natural remedy to stress, and anxiety, and a natural way to just relax. While CBD affords us a host of natural solutions, there is often one complaint, the taste.

On its own, many forms of CBD taste horrid, and the aftertaste is rarely better. Here are some ways to take CBD that can help introduce them in less intrusive ways.

CBD Coffee

I may be a tad biased towards this one. A few drops of CBD oil can subtly change the flavor of an entire cup of coffee. Rather than the aggressive taste, you’ll get a pleasant, and enjoyable change. Put in a bit of creamer if you prefer, and enjoy a simple cup of CBD coffee. An advantage of this is the ability of CBD to counteract some of the negatives of caffeine. Caffeine may give us all the jitters, but CBD is notable for its ability to relax and calm nervous and restless individuals. Be wide awake… but remain calm!


Perhaps the only beverage that can rival coffee, tea is a far more freeform craft. You can throw mint, rosemary, even garlic in a pot of tea, and receive tasty results. CBD oil is an obvious no-brainer, and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s here that I should specify how vital it is to remain conservative in your dosage. Only a few drops are necessary for most people to feel the effects of CBD and too much could cause discomfort in users.

CBD Smoothie

The best way to benefit from CBD added to a smoothie is to use either CBD oil tinctures or CBD isolate. Simply add the desired amount to your superfood smoothie after it’s blended, then blend for another 10-15 seconds to ensure it’s fully incorporated.

CBD… shampoo?

This is definitely one of the more interesting ones!  There are CBD treatments for hair, with studies that provide information that the direct application of the oil to hair has moisturizing benefits, can assist in hair growth and may protect the hair and aid in damage repair, and may add shine to the hair.  According to some studies, CBD can be absorbed through the scalp. Some state that CBD-based shampoo can increase the strength in hair strands, by providing plant-based support. This is instrumental in hair health and appearance.

CBD Lotion? Lotion?

Somehow even more intriguing than shampoo, with even more research is lotion. Your skin is layered with an endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for a multitude of bodily functions. This allows CBD to be absorbed through your skin, and since it has similar properties to the aforementioned coconut oil, it has health benefits beyond its relaxing effects.

CBD Edibles

At last, a familiar option. Edibles are perhaps the most popular alternative method to consume CBD. With CBD edibles, you can get it absorbed into your bloodstream through your digestive system, and you’ll find the effects taking place after a few minutes. While this is without a doubt the least intrusive way to take CBD, it’s also the easiest to overdo. Make sure you’re aware of the amount of CBD in every edible and make sure you avoid taking too much. 

Most of us won’t continue to ingest things that are good for us unless they taste good. It’s often hard to find a CBD Tincture that tastes as good as HighFallsHempNY does on it’s own. Most tinctures either taste ‘skunky, hempy, grassy’ or just bad, on their own without mixing it into other foods or adding flavor compounds to mask.

Even with blending with food/beverage there’s still the underlying unpalatable flavor. HFHny uses a proprietary distillation and filtering method and triple refined hemp seed oil as the base, resulting in a smooth, light and non-grassy taste which makes work in any recipe and is palatable on its own.

Be on the lookout for additional products and information on how CBD is used as a key ingredient and the details about its benefits.