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The CBD Revolution Starts Here in High Falls, NY from our Seed to Your Soul

  • Our 12 acre family farm employs organic farming practices including biodegradable tarps and drip-line irrigation from our adjacent reservoir. We are awaiting our official NY state organic certification. High Falls Hemp NY is dedicated to conserving water and other resources while we grow the best plants possible.
  • HFHNY partners with the Dewitt Family Farm and a seventh-generation local farmer Kenny Oakley, to organically grow and hand harvest our own hemp in High Falls, NY. 
  • We support the Dewitt Family by planting both a rotational crop and a cover crop to replenish their soil. This years cover crop was parsley that gets sold to a local brewery!

 Here is our hard work showing off! This is an overhead shot of our fully bloomed garden from the 2020 season! Each row has  different genetics which all produced high terpenes and are ready to be harvested.

Natural Hemp Farming Pest Reduction

A unique and organic IPM (Insect and Pest Mitigation) tactic we utilized this year is the strategic planting of Sunflowers. Sunflowers along with many other flowers and vegetables are known to introduce native beneficial insects to our garden to help prevent any pest issues that may come along with outdoor cultivation.

This tactic has been utilized in gardening for centuries and has become a hemp farmers preferred method instead of speaking our crop with any fungicide or pesticides. An increase in beneficial native insects was noted this year, including native ladybugs(ladybirds) and praying mantis!

High Falls Hemp Colas

Top colas are the central flower cluster that forms along the upper portion of the main stem of the matured female hemp plant, colas are produced of tightly woven buds and can grow up to 24 inches if cultivation practices are mastered.

Pollination Hemp GrowingA pistil is a female cannabis plant sex organ. A pistil is  hairs that protrude from a calyx on a female cannabis plant. They are also known as stigmas. When a pistillate hair comes into contact with pollen from a male cannabis plant, if it is then pollinated, once pollination occurs the female plant will focus less in producing resinous flowers and focus on reproduction. Creating seeds for the next generation of genetics!

High Falls Organic Hemp Growing Trichomes

Trichomes,  seen as tiny white specs on the leaves are beginning to fill with fluid are at the early stages of forming. Farmers and growers can determine when the crop is ready for harvest depending on the color of the trichomes!