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Private Label Your Own CBD Brand

Following huge demand, High Falls Hemp NY created our custom, white label program. 

This affords brands across every company in consumer packaged goods, lifestyle interest-based, beauty, food, beverage, hotels, retailers, and more to work in collaboration with High Falls Hemp NY to curate their own CBD products crafted by us.

Over the past few years, based on the success of our CBD products loved by thousands of loyal customers and subscribers, we began to receive requests for private label products from companies across the US.  They were drawn to High Falls Hemp NY because of the quality of our products, the education, and transparency we provide in the CBD arena and our extraction and production methods which are best in class, and the resulting high-praise and reviews from our consumers.

High Falls Hemp NY’s most popular products are our CBD tinctures, which are formulated from the hemp we grew in High Falls. Aside from our painstaking care of the plants, we have taken 5 differentiating steps to set us apart from the thousands of brands available in the market today:

  • Our CBD is extracted via CO2 super-critical extraction methods and then distilled in such a way that creates a very clean flavor palate which is free from bitterness. Most CBDs are extracted using ethanol, or through the use of other hydrocarbons, which leave a bitter taste behind.
  • A very refined hemp seed oil is used as our carrier agent, which has no flavor at all
  • We do not use flavorings or other additives to hide the taste, as most other brands do. Because we take care in the above 2 steps, we do not need to add flavorings, many of which turn rancid over time
  • When we advertise a certain amount of CBD on our label, this does not account for the minor cannabinoids, which create an entourage effect of wellness benefits.
  • When we formulate our finished products, we strive to use about 10% more CBD than advertised on our product label. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver.

We very much look forward to sharing our CBD with all potential partners that have the same enthusiasm as us when it comes to promoting the benefits of CBD as a natural alternative to over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products incorporated into consumers’ daily health and wellness regimen. 

We are passionate and, on a mission, to share the potential benefits of CBD with every person over the age of 18 in the US.  Read our company’s story to learn more about how and why we embarked on this journey.

Starting Your Own CBD Business?

If you are like many of our white label partners starting your own business, High Falls Hemp NY’s white label program gives you the opportunity to delve into the  CBD revolution while curating your own unique custom label. 

When you elect to work with our team, you’ll become a part of the High Falls family.  You’ll have unrestricted access to a trusted team of experts in the space, premium products, and our unwavering and superior class customer support.  Our team is here to hold your hand every step of the way.

Once we receive assets from your organization – logo, brand colors, and taglines, we can begin collaborating on your products within one week.  Contact our team today to begin your private label journey with High Falls Hemp NY.

The High Falls Hemp NY Private Label program provides your business the opportunity to profit in a category that is experiencing tremendous growth and leverage a product line that is best in class with stellar testimonials, results, and loyal customers.  The reason for that is because the products speak for themselves – we know that the CBD market is cluttered but what separates High Falls Hemp NY from the playing field is High Falls Hemp NY’s products actually work.

High Falls Hemp does make false medical claims, has third-party verified reviews, independent third-party lab reports (and 4 levels of lab reports which trace our CBD from seed to finished product), and a well-architected QR code program that marries the product in a consumer’s hands directly to the lab report online.

Working with High Falls Hemp NY on your custom label program will afford you:

  1. Real knowledge and advice you need to operate your CBD business
    Our team includes experts in the continually evolving regulations.
  2. Guidance and transparency in a market flooded with information
    Our team includes experts up to date with the most recent credible health and wellness discoveries and plant science.
  3. Consistent and reliable product quality and service
    We’re a family business and our customers become part of our family.
  4. Customization of your business to underscore your brand identity
    We work closely with you to best communicate to your customers and generate sales.
  5. Expedited process from collaboration to production
    As Albert Einstein discovered, Time=Money, and we do our best to move quickly.

High Falls Hemp NY Private Label program can be your single source for ready to shop premium custom label CBD products and white label CBD products – we are the solution for your needs.

Why Partner With High Falls Hemp NY?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and premium quality CBD hemp extract available on the market today in the US. 

Our products are born on our farm, nurtured by us, extracted by us, and manufactured,  bottled, and shipped to you under our watchful eye.  We use no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or unsafe inputs.  Our products are gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO.  Our products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Most importantly, we afford you a speed-to-market approach from collaboration to implementation.

High Falls Hemp NY Private Label Partner Consulting

If you are unsure about what private label products would be best for your business, there is no need to worry.  Our team of experts with years of experience selling our products into the market, can answer your questions and work with you and your team to identify and plan for the right products that will meet your customer’s needs.

Health & Wellness

Now, more than ever, the health and wellness revolution are erupting with CBD as an integral part infused into many products that consumers are adopting into their daily routine. 

With so many of your customers looking for ways to achieve and maintain their highest quality of life, now is the perfect time to engage with High Falls Hemp NY’s Private Label Partner program to give your customers what they are looking for.

Expansion of Your Business With CBD

Across every category of retail, consumers are talking about CBD and its potential benefits as an alternative to over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. 

We do caution that consumers should always consult with a health care practitioner before using CBD as a holistic alternative.  There are many studies that have been performed and many in development exploring the potential benefits of CBD as an alternative treatment, but they are studies and  the scientific longitudinal proof is still limited at this time, other than the third-party verified reviews from our loyal customers attesting to the real benefits they have experienced.

As a business owner, you can now provide premium, high-quality CBD products to your customers working with High Falls Hemp NY to curate your own brand.  It is what they are looking for, so wouldn’t it make sense that they purchase these CBD products from you?

Reach out today to arrange your consultation with our Private Label Partnership team.